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June 5, 2023 9am - June 11, 2023 12pm

What happens when you merge North America’s oldest Gong Camp with the artistic talent of Grotta Sonora? A ‘Gong experience’ like no other on planet Earth!

Join us in Calcata, for a week of sonic adventure with those who are influencing present Gong culture and craft. Mike and Mitch were featured presenters at the Gong Summit and continue to accelerate Gong education through the 9ways Academia’s Gong Camp. Madhava and Margherita brought their hand-crafted experimental musical instruments to the Gong Summit, and immediately elevated Gong Craft to an excited community of Gong enthusiasts. These 4 powerhouses are together again in the ancient Etruscan village in the Treja Valley, home of the Grotta Sonora ‘sound cave.’

Workshops and sound performances will not only take place in the sound cave, but in and around Calcata in ancient amphitheater’s and historic sites. A combination of adventure and Gong experience reserved for just 22 students!

Details are nearly complete, in essence we will be eating and sleeping in the small village and moving about this historic...


Inner Instructions, where the Gong is seen as an Organon or a tool for knowledge.

Limited to just 9 students - a intimate setting where skill set development, stamina, and the inner journey of navigating the Gong Space is explored. This is an 'in person Transmission' with our Research Director Mitch Nur who has been playing Gongs for 5 decades.

Bring some of your Gongs and stands - Mallets - this is considered a 'teacher training' so bring the Right Attitude and the Right Conduct to this Transmission.

Registration LINK

This program replaces "Art of the Zildjin"

pre-req 9ways Gong Camp, Art of the Zildjin, or 100+ hours of Gong training with another

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October 1, 2023 - October 10, 2023

with Mitch Nur, PhD • Mike Tamburo • Thomas Orr Anderson • and Special Guest Karen Stackpole. Also arriving in Camp will be Philip McNamara from the UK, and confirmed live performances by Lois Harrison, Janet Young and others are awaiting confirmation.

The 9ways Gong Camp is an acoustical laboratory of all the worlds Gong Cultures including Artisan Gongs which are the backbone of this intensive, led by numerous teachers who are shaping Gong Culture today. Focused on elevating skill set and instilling confidence, coupled with an academic and historical philosophy perfumed with what the Indonesians call “preserving the beauty of the world.” Gong culture extends from the late Bronze Age to the world wide phenomenon of Gongs permeating modern culture today.

The 9ways Gong Camp is the oldest Gong Camp in North America, and has become the Gold Standard in teaching the Gong. It is the only Gong Camp that features teachers that are international in scope, and are active in forging modern Gong Culture today. Expect...

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MARCH 2024

SONIC THEOLOGY: The Metaphysical Understanding of Sound Therapy, and the Attainment of Spiritual Harmonic Knowledge / First Module of the Sound Therapy Certification of 9Ways Academia

Sonic Theology features an examination of Western, Mid Eastern, and Far Eastern theoretical approaches to Sound Therapy. A 170,000 year analysis of the footprints of Sound Therapy, and beyond.

Sonic Theology is everything missing from all sound healing programs presented in the West, and may very well be the most thorough historical investigation on the subject ever presented.

It is also the only program ever created that offers a re-examination of the history of Sound from a matrifocal perspective, showing the limitations of a biased patriarcal model of history on our understanding of the role of Sound, Trance and Dance in healing, spirituality, philosophy and the very basis of our human culture.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the western model of Sound Therapy is important, because it is based on much older...

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This program is undergoing resheduling

with Zeny Bagatsing Ogrisseg, Nancy Aleo, and Mitch Nur, PhD

The Bonpo Shang is one of the world's oldest ritual Sound Tools, and quite possibly the oldest metal sound tool, dating back to the pre-Imperial Period of the ancient kingdom of ZhangZhung.

Today's Yungdrung Bon tradition attribute the Shang to the founder of Bon, Tonpa Shenrab. The instrument existed at the time of Lord Shenrab (16,000BC according to some historians ), and may be considerably older according to sources in the Bon community. The instrument is found in other shamanic traditions in the Himalayan region of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Yunnan, Tuva, Mongolia,and as far north as the Buriyat Republic.

Why is this important? According to Dr. Mitch's research, "the upturned flat bell may be the only authentic sound healing instrument. There are numerous texts in the monasteries attesting to this which include how it is to be made, how it is played, and by whom. Every antique Shang found...

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Sound Therapy Certification

Pre Req- METAPHYSICS (including Reading List essays) FOR CERTIFICATION

In Person Event based solely on 'mentoring' and demonstrations over 9 days

with Mitch Nur, PhD, Madrina Lopez, and special guest instructors TBA

This program will run in the 2nd part of 2024

A complete description of this program will be added soon - 9ways students who have completed Metaphysics and Science modules are eligible to attend. Everyone who is interested in this college level program should submit the "INVITATION FORM" below.


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September 29, 2024 - October 8, 2024

The 'lineup' will be announced soon - registration will be posted shortly

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Join us in Portugal for the first in depth exploration of the object known as a Tibetan Singing Bowl, and it's many, many subjects. Featuring Mitch Nur, Craig Shankster, Priyanka Patel, Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye Rinpoche, and many others that are awaiting confirmation from India, Nepal, Mexico, Europe, and the USA.