Philosophical and Indigenous Studies


9ways is committed to teaching and preserving the ancient sound traditions and indigenous ways of the world. Sound, Energetic and Medical practitioners, shamans, Tibetan Lamas and Eastern Sages, musicians/composers come together to present a global teaching that spans the most ancient of traditional arts to contemporary science. We sponsor many programs throughout the year with visiting teachers that present studies on the methods of Skillful Means. These are important steps in cultivating the necessary methods to rise above the mundane, into becoming the force to change your life and influence others in a positive way. Without this transformation, nothing is accomplished. These are the ancient methods of instructions that were passed through the mystery schools, monasteries, and temples, in every culture since the beginning of time. Essential practices for the turning of the mind.

From time to time, the 9ways Academia hosts shamanic study workshops with the intent of bringing genuine indigenous insights forward. These programs are hosted by Mitch Nur, who has studied with indigenous wisdom keepers and conducted field studies within shamanic cultures. His decades old "Global Indigenous Shamanic Studies" program has enlightened many with insights and practices culled from his long years as a student of indigenous cultures and their belief systems. Because there are many opportunities to engage shamanic studies in our present time, students need to be diligent in their choices. Many programs presented by others, are nothing more than a charade, presented by self appointed 'experts' with no formal training whatsoever. Many of these organizations sweep the student into a game of "good versus evil", or "light and darkness". These are constructs of the conceptional mind, true liberation, or insight, is free of these conceptions. When fear becomes the teaching tool, the student is sent into a spiral of phobia and misdirection, leaving them a prisoner of the misguided instruction they have received. Unfortunately, this is the sad state of shamanic studies at present. This is the primary reason why the 9ways Academia offers an indigenous studies program. To learn more about this course of study offered, please email.