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Certification Programs and Master Classes

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The 9ways Academia offers 3 certification programs: a 3 part Sound Therapy module which includes the Science of Sound Therapy, Metaphysical Understandings of Sound Therapy, and the Harmonic Practicum. An advanced study with Himalayan Singing Bowls, the Bönpo Shang and Gong.

SOUND THERAPY CERTIFICATION TRAINING IN 3 MODULES: Sonic Theology is the only college level program in North America focused on Spiritual Harmonic Knowledge. Unlike other programs that teach from an 'instrument based' approach; Sonic Theology focuses on the student as being the 'instrument that requires tuning'. This integrated method insures that whatever sound instrument you are using, you will possess the knowledge and wisdom to use it therapeutically. Sonic Theology is broken into 2 components- Spiritual Harmonic Knowledge and Spiritual Acoustic Expression. These 2 components contain 3 modules: the Science, the Metaphysics, and the Skillful Methods (Harmonic Practicum) of Sound Therapy, this 150+ hour program equaling nearly 3 semesters of college level training, spread over 3 sessions, and covering 19 days, goes far beyond the scope of other 'sound healing programs.' Each module includes at least 3 instructors. This in-depth program is focused on the Sound Therapists of tomorrow and offers a level of training unmatched by other organizations. Let us be very clear, we are teaching you the Science, History, Methodology, Theory, and Philosophy of Sound Therapy, not giving you musical instrument lessons. Just because you know how to play a crystal bowl, does not make you a Sound Therapist, just like knowing how to apply a bandage does not make you a doctor. Long ago, Music was regarded as the highest of the sciences, the musician was the High Priest who safeguarded 'harmony' (order). These are academic studies stressing small intimate class size, with Socratic methodology, students are not only educated, but empowered and instilled with confidence. This is a CERTIFICATION program. The schedule for the Sound Therapy Training Module CLICK HERE.

HIMALAYAN SINGING BOWL CERTIFICATION: A 500+ hour college level program on everything about the Singing Bowls and their relationship to Sound Therapy. The program includes a faculty of instructors including teachers from the Himalayas and a Tibetan lineage Lama. Students are required to complete the Sound Therapy Module, the 9ways Singing Bowls of the Himalayas program, and receive Instructor approval. This is the most advanced training in the world! Students are now paying over $1300 and more for benign programs that are simply a masquerade to sell you sets of Singing Bowls. The 9ways Academia has been offering workshops on Himalayan Singing Bowls longer than anyone else in North America, and has earned the respect from Nepalese and Tibetan academics. Students and health care professionals engaged in Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupuncture, Reiki, Network Chiropractic, Yoga and Meditation, as well as nurses in leading hospitals, the spa industry, Psychologists and social workers are strongly urged to consider this program. The date for the next Singing Bowl Certification, CLICK HERE.

GONG CAMP: The Gong is one of man's oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present. The Gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and as a facilitator to break up emotional blockages. This training program is meant to take you through the world of the Gong which makes this an ideal course of study for those who own Gongs, or are thinking of purchasing one. Aspects of this program will cover Gong styles and types, playing implements, stands, playing techniques including rub mallets, and more. Essentially this program is about 'everything Gong', no other instruments of any kind are introduced to interrupt your transmission on the Gong. There is no other program in the world quite like this one. For our next Gong Master Class, CLICK HERE.

ART OF THE ZILDJIN: GongMaster training 32+hrs. (215+ hours with all the training elements), limited enrollment to just 5 students at a time. Pre-requisites include attendance at a prior Gong Camp (w/science of metals program), Sound Therapy training module completion, and instructor approval. Certification and 9ways teaching credentials. The nature of this program is to teach this in a very small intimate environment, and students are required to bring their own instruments to the program. This Master Class is focused on quality, mentoring, and empowerment. The date for the next Art of the Zildjin, CLICK HERE.

BONPO SHANG MASTER CLASS: "Inner Instructions", pre-requisites and instructor invitation. Multiple instructors with 'tight' protocols. This is not a certification program per se, but is the ONLY advanced training offered in the world today, on this instrument. Students must exhibit the Right Attitude and the Right Conduct for consideration. This is a very specialized program and is a Advanced Instruction in our 'Ocassional Studies' curriculum, For information about this program, EMAIL.

These intensive, specialized programs allow you to make an impact in your community, with your family and friends, and can offer a life changing opportunity for personal growth.

During the year we offer many different types of programs on Sound Therapy and Sound Therapy instruments of many kinds; the Sound Workers Cookbook is our 'instrument based 'program that is broken into 4 modules covering over 30 different instruments both ancient and modern. This 4 module program is held over weekends and is a cost effective means to receiving real training from multiple instructors. To view our programs for this coming year, CLICK HERE.

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