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Sonic Theology: the Science of Sound Therapy • with Mitch Nur, PhD, Alexandre Tannous, and Thomas Orr Anderson • Perkasie, PA

July 12, 2020 9am - July 17, 2020 2pm

Distinctions in understanding the Science of Sound Therapy, presented in a clear transmission. This program examines all the latest information drawn from cognitive neuroscience, brain studies, psychology, music therapy, acoustical physics, wave phenomena, behavioral neurology, harmonic theory, understanding musical terminology, and more. This is the how and why sound influences the mind-body complex. This program goes far beyond the current 'talking points' found in most sound healing studies; and stretches the boundaries on how to train the Sound Therapist of tomorrow.

We are not an instrument based program like so many training's that are offered worldwide; and we see the student as the instrument that requires tuning. Teaching sound therapy with instruments is simply musical instrument lessons disguised as theory, this approach leaves the student unprepared for dealing with many issues including trauma. Sound is the motivator behind the transformation of consciousness, and this is the basis of our training protocol.

Our program is considered a college level program, taught by a faculty of instructors with 6 college degrees. How many programs in the USA offer a team of instructors with this pedigree? Ask yourself, "do you want REAL studies, or a facsimile?" We teach to ONLY 11 new students at a time, in a Socratic methodology, that insures an intimate learning environment. We also are not selling you anything related to sound work. You do not have to buy sets of tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, or any instruments of any sort. Remember, you are the instrument.

9ways Academia faculty for 2020 includes: Mitch Nur, PhD, America's longest tenured Sound Therapist and teacher with well over 4 decades of experience. His long years of research and fieldwork in Asia brings a dedication to learning that is second to none. Alexandre Tannous has dedicated his life to studying why music is a such a powerful art. He holds several degrees in music and has done fieldwork in over 40 countries. He is an expert in how societies use sound in traditional contexts, including religious, spiritual, holistic, entertainment, meditation, and rituals of healing and trance. Physicist, author, musician, Thomas Orr Anderson who deconstructs every conception and misconception in the universe of sound healing. These 3 teachers bring 6 college degrees and over 100 years of combined experience.

We use a private studio in rural upper Bucks County, PA for our training's. Which affords students on site lodging in a quiet setting near a state park with a large lake. This bucolic escape, allows the student to deeply focus on the studies, and affords them no distractions from everyday life. With that said, no cellphones are allowed in class, computers are used for taking notes and not perusing Facebook and other social media. This advanced study is focused on teaching and learning, do not consider this a time for vacation or lackadaisical distracting behavior. Students come to learn, not to become your babysitter.

✦ Students can be refused entry into this program for any reason.


➤ Residential Retreat • Program fee does not include meals or lodging, on site lodging is available in shared furnished apartments. WiFi available on site.

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