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Bonpo Shang with Phurba Transmission • Perkasie, PA

September 19, 2021 10am - September 24, 2021 12pm

In Person Transmission

Overview: Portions of this event will be silent, and out of doors. Traditional Bonpo practices will be observed, as well as shamanic elements. Esoteric subjects will be examined including an introduction to Milam trul khor, Nying Po Nam Soom, and protection practices. Traditional guidelines will be followed, and explored.

Innerview: A Deep Dive with lots of practice time, expect to be stretched to the limit.

"The Bonpo Shang is one of the world's oldest shamanic Sound Tools, and quite possibly the oldest metal sound tool, predating the gong. It's history dates back to the ancient kingdom of ZhangZhung, and is mentioned in writings attributed to the founder of Bon, Tonpa Shenrab. The instrument existed at the time of Lord Shenrab ( 18,000BC according to some historians ), and may be considerably older according to sources in the Bon community. The instrument is found in other shamanic traditions in the Himalayas, Tibet, Bhutan, Yunnan, Tuva, Mongolia,and as far north as the Buriyat Republic."

The description above has been used for over 2 decades by our Senior Instructor, but recent research into pre Tibet when it reached into Mazdayasna, contacted Sufi, and Pamir shamanism; and recent symposiums (3 Pillars Project for example) containing "dating and language" during the Tibetan Empire is becoming clearer by some of the finest Far Eastern academics.

This is the most comprehensive training program on this instrument in the world today. The program covers the uses and knowledge contained with the Bonpo culture, and then extends further into the shamanic uses by the lha-pa, dpa-mo, and lha-beb priests; as well as the uses by the Bomba, Paju and Naxi.

We will explore pre-Tibetan history and the belief systems surrounding the Drala and the Werma, as well as Naga. These ancient constructs will become the Focal Plane as we navigate a esoteric Timescape with traditional practice protocols.

A short practice will be introduced for the first time by our instructor. These instructions assist in the 'pointing of the mind' or the 'leaning in' to working with these instruments. Students are required to engage this practice as well as this Transmission with a 'fire in the heart.'

The Shang is an incredible sound tool in the hands of someone who has been trained and tutored in the ways of this instrument. Do not confuse this program with any other program in the world today.

The Phurba or Kila will be examined from multiple viewpoints including Nyingmapa Dorje Phurba practice (instructor was initiated into Dorje Phurba by a reincarnation of Dorje Lingpa in the Adzom Drukpa lineage), and Himalayan shamanic conventions, culled from field studies in Nepal (Jankhri & Rai). Recently acquired translations from the Dunhuang Cave's Kila texts will be reviewed.


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