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The BLACK CLASS with Mitch Nur, PhD • Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA

February 1, 2019 7:30pm


This is the legendary Black Class that was first held for the public in Taos, New Mexico in 2004, and now returns to Circles of Wisdom once again, after a 5 year absence. This program will literally take your breath away. Based on the use of darkness by indigenous and shamanic cultures worldwide, including what the Bon/Buddhists call the Dark Retreat; you will be taken into a myriad of internal worlds, escorted by a soundscape presented live. This program has always sold out, every time it is presented. Designed and presented by Mitch Nur, PhD.

If you have issues with being in the Dark, then it may be best to take a pass on this program.

What exactly is the Black Class ?

A Psycho-Acoustical Exercise.........

Combining the use of indigenous sound tools, music therapy, psycho-acoustical sound 'triggers', musical Semiotics, and Acousmatic Sound theory; the Black Class affords the opportunity of escaping from patterns that regulate our position in the environment. Once free from these restricting patterns, we create new ones which can facilitate inner growth, new awareness, and psychological and physical healing.

READ THIS: LINK - Blindfold programs are now the latest rage! - This is the program that started it all 14 years ago.

For centuries the compassionate teachings of the East and worldwide indigenous cultures have utilized the Dark Format of a retreat, as a way of shifting students into a new awareness. These dark encounters can be as short as an evening, or 3 days, and in some cases, weeks, months, or even years. This program is designed to initiate a shift in awareness, and to take the student beyond the confines of normal Western thinking parameters. You will be using the 'eye' of the mind, in place of our eye and optic nerve channels. There is a difference between 'looking' and 'seeing', and 'hearing' and 'listening'. And the Black Class is one way in attaining a new level of inner awareness. Coupled with a 'live or firsthand' soundtrack created with ancient indigenous instruments, and ceremonial pieces associated with Sacred Sound applications; students will now have a freedom to shift, without the confines of restrictions, due to discursive thought and sight with the eye. This program is designed for the serious practitioner, at whatever level they may think they are. For some students, this is the next logical step, for others, it's a bold and dynamic step into serious training. YOU EXERCISE THE BODY, WHY NOT EXERCISE THE MIND!

Within worldwide shamanic cultures, the use of darkness as a teaching aid, or operational environment is legendary. For those students who are involved in some form of shamanic training, the Black Class is an excellent complement to those studies.

Students are required to wear eye coverings throughout the program. Students should bring a water bottle, a blanket or wrap for those that may be susceptible to cold. PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 20 MINUTES EARLY IN ORDER TO SETTLE IN.

Circles of Wisdom, 386 Merrimack St., Methuen, MA • 978-474-8010

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