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August 4, 2018 • Rang Sem with Ratsa Geshe, Khenpo Tenzin Dargye Rinpoche • Perkasie, PA

Khenpo La will present 3 Points: Lo Sem Tse Chik, Milam, and Bagchak. This could be interpreted as the Heart Mind connection, Dreams, and deeply rooted 'loose change', which can create unusual circumstances even for the practiced learner. This Transmission offers helpful information, and the identification of personal affairs.

It has always been the intention of 9ways to bring practical, all reaching, and important Transmissions for public consumption. Dharma in the West presents many challenges, misunderstandings, and quite the opposite motivation of our Eastern brothers and sisters. Eastern philosophical thought requires a gradual methodology, combined with discernment, practice, and easily grasped concepts, in logical order. Students also suffer because Teachers do not construct a Path, but more of an labyrinth, twists and turns with teachings that just reinforce your spiritual wanderings. Unlike the West, where for example Aristotle instructed in a manner 'where the teacher was required to master the fundamentals of his art (his specialization) and its rules; the ability to demonstrate everything that it is possible to demonstrate, whenever asked to do so; the ability to make others comprehend what he himself knows; the ability to guard against any distortions which might enter his art.' The Eastern method does not completely address Aristotle's points. Does this not sound like the majority of Lamas teaching in the West today? This lack of accountability is a disservice. The Western mind requires identification, unless you 'realize' why, and how to deal with it, or transform it into positive virtue, your simply nodding your head to the teachers rhythm, not gaining insights in a one to one understanding with Self - Dzogchen.

We want to point out that 'Bagchak' is rarely discussed in the West, much less presented at all. Lo Sem Tse Chick has supporting texts including a rare Dzogchen manuscript entitled 'the Illuminated Mind.' Rang Sem is also 'new', as far as we know, these 'points' have never come together in such a direct way. Free of being overwhelmed by ceremony, like so many Eastern presentations, Rang Sem is the direct approach, through key texts, to what is really going on. This is a departure from the way things are done under normal circumstances, but things are not normal anymore.

This program will begin at 9am, and break around 5:30-6pm


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