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July 19, 2017 • Transcultural Neuroacoustical Methods in Translational Applications • Avera Cancer Institute, Sioux Falls, SD

The use of indigenous sound instruments can be instrumental in creating an acoustmatic environment for managing stress related circumstances. Research gathered from archaeomusicology, and related ethnographic fieldwork pertaining to rituals and ceremonies can alleviate or even eliminate conditions brought about by challenges to one’s wellbeing. Extending them into an integrated medical model, or applying them to preoperative or postoperative recovery situations can be dynamically responsive.

The focus of this talk will illustrate how simple methods can deconstruct complex factors simply by using sound as an ambient mode therapeutic protocol. This methodology can even be expanded to include anyone working in high stress occupations and situations.

Our Senior Lecturer and Researcher Mitch Nur, PhD will be at Avera for 2 programs - a talk for Institute Personnel and Visitors, and an evening live performance in support of the talk entitled "In the Eye of the Soundscape."

This talk is scheduled for 1pm in the Benedictine/Presentation Room, 1000 East 23 St., Sioux Falls, SD 57105


Mitch Speaking in New Delhi 2014.jpeg

Mitch Nur, PhD delivers a Paper at the 6th World Music Therapy Conference, New Delhi, India