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July 14, 2017 • Secret Gong Orchestra live performance of ENERGY • Center for Performing Arts - Minneapolis, MN • 7pm

The one indestructible constant of reality is ENERGY. Our senses see the world as an infinite variety of things and events, colors and sounds. The unifying principle of the universe is change, and Energy is the fundamental cause for all change in the world. Force is the active nature of all transformation, and sound is surely one of the strongest activities to initiate change. To understand our substance, one must bring to bear the sound of dynamics. Energy ties together the physical and the metaphysical and is the non-vanishing factor of every physical transmutation. Sound is the ladder that allows the soul to transcend from the mundane because it affects all the senses significantly and simultaneously. The greatest objective knowledge of this concept can only be found in the Gong.

The English word Energy is derived from the Greek word Energia which means activity. The latest compositional soundscape of the Secret Gong Orchestra will put into action the dynamics of large Gongs in a unifying principle of the transcendental substance of activity. Join us as we probe the very nature of understanding through ENERGY, the latest opus of the Secret Gong Orchestra.

Performing on large Gongs for this special presentation will be Frank DiCristina, Karen Pujals, George Monoson, and Mitch Nur, PhD

This will be a layout event, so bring something comfortable to lay on, a blanket if your susceptible to cold. A water bottle and pillow.

Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409

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